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Our Vision
Our vision is to provide premier resource development for the future workforce of communities we serve. 

Total Inc. was established on July 31st, 2017, by Cycily Thomas. Her mission was to close the STEM proficiency gap by providing opportunities, resources, and guidance to those seeking advancement. 

The overall scheme of things.

The Problem

  • Business leaders in Florida cannot find the science, technology, engineering and mathematics talent needed to stay competitive

  • Students are lagging performance in grades K-12

  • Students are not seeking advanced math classes that would prepare them for the rigor of post secondary education or the work force

  • Together, females and minorities make up more than half of Florida’s population, yet they are much less likely to earn STEM degrees or become STEM professionals.


The Solution-

  • Our solution is to provide basic and supplemental computer science courses as well as, entry-level certification preparation and exams at little or no cost to the communities we serve. Each Tier of our program includes training and education in the following areas:

    • Information Security​​

    • Microsoft Office Suite

    • Social Media Etiquette and Marketing 

    • Electronic Communications Etiquette

    • Basic Impact of Technology Across the Workforce

    • Dynamics and Value of the Virtual Work Space 

Socioeconomic Impact: 


TOTAL INC Increased STEM skills = Greater Earning Potential

We have had great success since launching our STEM summer camp and internship programs in 2018. To date program participants have received more than 65 certifications in STEM related career fields and 100% of participating college graduates have secured permanent employment with an average starting salary of 62K/yr. With the exception of summer camp, our program is 100% virtual and we are now in the final stages of developing immersive training in the Metaverse. The secret to our success lies within our partnerships below


Through the year 2027 STEM jobs in Florida are expected to grow by 17% (5% more than other jobs). Funding from various state and federal NOFOs allows us to scale our services by covering program participant OJT salaries, certification costs, hardware, software, and overhead expenses needed to meet the growing demands of STEM occupations.

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© Tier One Two Aspire Leap Inc. 2022| TOTAL INC is a registered 501(c)(3)

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